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Autumn Holidays at the museum

12-20 October

During the Autumn Holidays the museum offers activities for all members of the family.

Free activity sheet and two exhibitions

Visit the museum with the family during the Autumn Holidays. Children and their adults can explore the special exhibition Another Golden Age. Johan Ludvig Lund Across all Borders with the fun and free activity sheet. Hunt for details in the paintings and try to answer questions about the artists and figures in the artworks. There is a small gift to everyone who finds all details.

You can also explore the small and intimate Corner Display Hammershøi's dark masterpiece and get real close to one of the darkest paintings by the artist Vilhelm Hammershøi, which is normally not on display.

Workshop 'Undressing the Danish Golden Age'
17 and 18 October 1-3 PM

What happens if Thor holds a banana instead of his hammer? And what happens if an angel holds a sword instead of a flower?

Thursday and Friday during the Autumn Holidays kids can join our free workshop 'Undressing the Danish Golden Age' with artist and art educator Anne Sofie Skjold Møller. Try to see what happens when you change the painted figures' clothes and objects from paintings made in the Danish Golden Age. Cut and draw your own clothes to small paper dolls provided by the museum. Try to find the figures in the paintings after the workshop.

Family lunch

After your visit you can enjoy a lunch at restaurant Under Uret or Café Marzano. Just show the ticket from the museum and get 10% discount on food and drinks. Both places are within 5 minutes walking distance from the museum.

Practical information

Opening hours
The museum is open Wednesday-Sunday 11 AM-4 PM during the holidays.
The museum will be closed Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 October.

Children and visitors under 18 years have free admission to the museum.
Tickets for adults costs DKK 95.

Workshop and activity sheet
It is free to participate in the workshop and to use the activity sheet.
Adults just need to buy a normal ticket to the museum.