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Ordering photographic material

We are happy to make photographic reproductions of our works available to private individuals, public institutions and businesses. We have made a number of main highlights from the exhibition available as high-resolution files; you can find them here..

If you want even higher resolution images than the ones provided here, or if you wish to receive images of other works from our collection, please contact the museum – we will be happy to send you the desired files. In the unlikely event that we do not have photographic reproductions of the desired work(s) available, or if you have special wishes for photographs of specific details or similar, it is possible to arrange for new photographs to be taken.

If you wish to order a photograph of one of our works, please send an email to the museum and include the following information: the work/works desired and your intended use of the image(s) (describing the nature of the intended publication, its scope/ edition run, whether it will be used on the front cover or inside the publication, etc.). Send your email to:

You can form an idea about the costs involved by consulting the list below. Here you will also find the terms and conditions applying to your use and reproduction of the images.

We endeavour to process your order within two weeks. However, please note that longer processing times must be expected when taking new photographs.

The artist’s copyright has expired for most of the artists represented in the Hirschsprung Collection; this happens seventy years after the relevant artist’s death. However, some exceptions do apply, and we strongly urge you to contact VISDA to ascertain whether the relevant artist or his/her heirs still hold copyright to the work you intend to use. You can find the contact information here:

Ordering photos – prices

All prices shown exclusive of VAT.

Administration fee
An administration fee is added to each total order.
Orders from Denmark: DKK 75.
Orders from abroad: DKK 125.
For advertising agencies, the fee is generally set at DKK 3,000.

The prices cover digital colour photographs delivered via or a similar file sharing service.

When new photographs are required, a photoshoot fee of DKK 1,000 will be added for each image.

Price for private use/students = DKK 150.

Prices for printed media and e-books

Art history books/non-commercial use

Print run/
1–2000 ˃ 5000 ˃ 10,000 ˃ 15,000

Where will the image be shown?
Inside the book 550,- 700,- 900,- 1.500,-
Front cover 850,- 950,- 1.100,- 1.500,-
Back cover 700,- 850,- 1.000,- 1.500,-

Commercial use

Print run /
1-2000 ˃ 5000 ˃ 10.000 ˃ 50.000 ˃ 100.000

Where will the image be shown?
Inside the book 850,- 950,- 1.000,- 1.500,- 1.700,-
Front cover 1.100,- 1.300,- 1.400,- 1.800,- 2.200,-
Back cover 950,- 1.150,- 1.250,- 1.650,- 2.050,-

For larger edition runs, please contact the museum
For publications made available in digital formats only, the size of edition run will be subject to an estimate.

Terms and conditions of use/reproduction

1. The image files remain the property of the Hirschsprung Collection, and the museum holds all copyright pertaining to the material.

2. The photographic materials may only be used for the intended and agreed purpose and on the provision that the image is not cropped, folded or printed over. In the event of non-compliance with these provisions, a penalty of at least DKK 20,000 is payable for each breach / violation of contract.

3. The material may not be disclosed, copied or used for any other purpose without the prior written consent of the Hirschsprung Collection.

4. Digital storage of the material is only permitted during the period when digital handling is required in connection with production. This is to say that all digital reproductions of the museum’s works must be deleted immediately after use.

5. The name of the artist, the title and date of the work, the name of the photographer, and the fact that the work belongs to the Hirschsprung Collection must be clearly stated in the publication. Photo: © The Hirschsprung Collection.

6. A copy of the publication in which the image appears must be sent unsolicited and free of charge to the Hirschsprung Collection at the time of publication.

7. The Hirschsprung Collection reserves the right to require a proof print of the reproduction prior to publication. The Hirschsprung Collection may revoke its permission to reproduce the image if the quality falls below the standard set by the Hirschsprung Collection.

8. When photographs are ordered, the museum will send an invoice based on the price list for the sales of photographs. The permission to reproduce the relevant image(s) enters into effect only when the agreed fee is paid. As soon as the payment is registered by the museum, the images will be sent.

9. In digital/electronic publications, the photographic materials may be displayed at a maximum resolution of 320x240 pixels. Online publications may be made publicly available for two years; after this point, permission must be obtained anew.

10. A new permission must be obtained when reprinting/reissuing all forms of reproduction.