Ejnar Nielsen: 'The Blind Girl. Gjern', 1896 and 1898

Ejnar Nielsen. A view at the blind girl

Corner Display

11 October 2017 - 14 Janurary 2018

The pivotal point of this exhibition is one of the museum’s main highlights, painted by the Symbolist artist Ejnar Nielsen. The motif of Nielsen’s painting The Blind Girl (1896-98) – a blind woman holding a dandelion in her hand – is also seen in Urban Gad’s film Die Ewige Nacht from 1916. The film includes a scene where the Danish actress Asta Nielsen, who plays the role of a blind muse and artist, adopts the exact same pose as the woman in the painting. You can explore the painting, stills from the film and drawings as we take a fresh look at The Blind Girl.

Ejnar Nielsen: 'The Blind Girl. Gjern', 1896 and 1898

Corner Displays

The exhibition is part of a new initiative at the museum called Corner Displays. Several times a year, you will find a new exhibition in a corner of the museum which will shed new light on a specific corner of the collections. Here you can explore new perspectives on famous works in the collection, hidden gems from the museum's stores, and many other exciting stories relating to The Hirschsprung Collection.