Hans Schmidt: 'Interior with flowers on the windowsill', 1915

Aspects of home. Atmosphere, furniture and paintings

Corner Display

24 January - 17 June 2018

The idea of home permeates The Hirschsprung Collection. Many of the works featured at the museum originally hung in the private home of the museum’s founder, the tobacco manufacturer Heinrich Hirschsprung and his family, and the entire museum was built and arranged with densely hung paintings and furnishings in order to evoke a distinctive home-like atmosphere.

For this Corner Display – the fourth in the series – we have selected a range of works from the collection that speak about how the idea of home attracted increasing attention up through the nineteenth century; an age when the boundaries between the private and the public were being renegotiated.

Hans Schmidt: 'Interior with flowers on the windowsill', 1915

Corner Displays

The exhibition is part of a new initiative at the museum called Corner Displays. Several times a year, you will find a new exhibition in a corner of the museum which will shed new light on a specific corner of the collections. Here you can explore new perspectives on famous works in the collection, hidden gems from the museum's stores, and many other exciting stories relating to The Hirschsprung Collection.