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Johan Rohde: 'Self-portrait', ca. 1890. The Hirschsprung Collection
Johan Rohde: 'Self-portrait', ca. 1890. The Hirschsprung Collection

Johan Rohde - An artist’s workshop

Corner Display

29 May - 8 September 2019

The artist Johan Rohde (1856–1935) played an important part in Danish art history. He was a co-founder of Kunstnerne frie Studieskoler, an art school founded in protest at the established academy in 1882, and was one of the pioneers behind the artist association and venue Den frie Udstilling in 1891. This summer’s Corner Display, Johan Rohde. An artist’s workshop, offers a rare opportunity to gain insight into Rhode’s artistic processes and deliberations. The exhibition encompasses finished works, sketches and excerpts from letters as well as art paraphernalia such as the artist’s palette and his portable stretcher.

Corner Displays

Corner Displays are small, intimate exhibitions presented in a corner of the museum. Each Corner Display focuses on a particular corner of the collection, highlighting masterpieces from the collection, hidden gems and oddities.