udsnit af brev
Letter from Emil Hannover to Johan Rohde, referring to a now-unknown portrait of Georg Brandes as Prometheus.


Corner display

21 September - 11 December 2022

The walls of art museums display hundreds of paintings for us to explore. These are the ones we study when delving into art history. But what about all the works that no longer exist? The ones that might have unveiled unknown aspects of the artists or perhaps completely changed our view of art history?

The Hirschsprung Collection’s letter archive contains numerous clues and traces of works of art that never came to fruition, works of art that have been destroyed, and some that may still exist but whose current whereabouts are unknown. This autumn’s corner exhibition focuses on such lost works.


Corner displays

Corner Displays are small, intimate exhibitions presented in a corner of the museum. Each Display focuses on a particular corner of the collection, highlighting masterpieces from the collection, hidden gems and oddities.