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Emilie Mundt: 'Painter and child in the studio', 1893. Vardemuseerne

MARIE ❤ EMILIE. Queering the Collection

Corner display

11 August – 9 January 2022

Were there ‘rainbow’ (LGBTI+) families back in the old days? Was it possible to be queer and still express yourself creatively? At the Hirschsprung Collection, we can confidently answer ‘yes’ to both questions. The small exhibition about Marie Luplau (1848-1925) and Emilie Mundt (1842-1922) shows works of art acquired by the museum in recent years. They enable us to tell the story of a creative and loving same-sex artist couple who raised a daughter together and fought for equality in art and in life.

Might we have overlooked something in our collection through the years? Indeed we have! Our project ‘Queering the Collection’ runs parallel to our other activities, inviting visitors to conduct self-guided tours of our permanent exhibition. We are going to be looking for all the queer tales found in the collection and its art.

The exhibition and project will be shown in connection with WorldPride in Copenhagen and Malmö, 12–22 August.

e mundt
Emilie Mundt: 'Mountain landscape with ruins', 1906. Den Hirschsprungske Samling
Emilie Mundt: 'Lot from a forest clearing with playful children', 1890. Den Hirschsprungske Samling

Watch the exhibition film about the artists Marie Luplau and Emilie Mundt, and hear curator Rasmus Kjærboe and author Kristina Stoltz discuss art, gender and identity.

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Corner displays

Corner Displays are small, intimate exhibitions presented in a corner of the museum. Each Display focuses on a particular corner of the collection, highlighting masterpieces from the collection, hidden gems and oddities.