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Viggo Johansen: After supper. 1887. The Hirschsprung Collection

New to the collection

Corner Displays

11. february - 18. june 2017

The Hirschsprung Collection is a collector’s museum. Originally created by the tobacco manufacturer and art collector Heinrich Hirschsprung (1836–1908) and his wife Pauline (1845–1912), the museum still receives and acquires new works of art every year, thereby supplementing and augmenting the original collection . These acquisitions become part of the collection of Danish nineteenth and early twentieth century art that Hirschsprung had built and presented to the public when the museum welcomed its first visitors in 1911.

This exhibition focuses on works that are new to the collection. They were all acquired by or donated to the museum in 2015 and 2016, but have not been on display until now. Explore works by the four Danish artists Johan Thomas Lundbye (1818–1848), Martinus Rørbye (1803–1848), Erik Henningsen (1855–1930) and Viggo Johansen (1851–1935). The works can be said to represent two separate corners of the museum’s collection, which spans 100 years of Danish art. Lundbye’s and Rørbye’s sketches date from the first half of the nineteenth century, whereas Henningsen’s and Johansen’s larger paintings show scenes from modern life around the dawn of the twentieth century.

Corner Displays

This exhibition is the first in a new series of so-called Corner displays. In future, this corner of the museum will host several small special displays a year, each created to shed new light on a specific corner of the collections. Here you can enjoy new perspectives on familiar works as well as rarely-seen gems that are usually kept in storage.