Krøyer 207 korr. 2011
P.S. Krøyer: 'Nannina. An Neapolitian flowergirl', 1880, The Hirschsprung Collection

Wanderlust. P.S. Krøyer’s travels in Europe

16 September 2020 - 22 August 2021

Wanderlust. P.S. Krøyer’s travels in Europe focuses on the travels that were such an important element of a fully-rounded artistic education during the last decades of the nineteenth century; travels which Heinrich Hirschsprung helped to promote with his patronage. The exhibition uses the concept of travel as a starting point for understanding how artists worked in the late 1800s and the contexts of which they were part in Denmark and abroad. With particular emphasis on Krøyer’s artistic Grand Tour in 1877–1881 and on a number of artists from his time, it points to mobility as an important foundation for artistic development.

The exhibition incorporates well-known as well as rarely-exhibited paintings and drawings from the Hirschsprung Collection, created in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and not least Skagen. In addition to P.S. Krøyer, the exhibition includes works by Thorvald Niss, Anna and Michael Ancher, Laurits Tuxen, Holger Drachmann – and new acquisitions by Emilie Mundt, Bertha Wegmann and Augusta Dohlmann

Krøyer granada (2)
P.S. Krøyer: 'A Spaniard', 1878, The Hirschsprung Collection
Krøyer (2)
P.S. Krøyer. 'Juan de Maya', 1878, The Hirschsprung Collection