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Loaning works of art

Museums and other exhibition venues may borrow works of art from the Hirschsprung Collection for shorter periods of time in order to present them at their own exhibitions. Private individuals cannot borrow works from the Hirschsprung Collection. All loan requests must reach us no later than eight months prior to the scheduled opening of the exhibition in question, preferably before.

To borrow a work, please send us a written application and include the following information;
  • Specific information about the work(s) you wish to borrow: title, artist, year and inventory number
  • Exhibition period (dates)
  • Exhibition concept
  • A description of the purpose of the exhibition
  • A facility report stating information about the planned exhibition venue’s security measures, climate control, etc.
  • A floor plan showing the exhibition area.
We cannot initiate our case processing until we have received all of the information and documents indicated above. 

Case processing

Once we have received your application, including all the information and documents specified above, your request will be processed.

All documents included in the loan request will be assessed, and your request will be taken up at the next board meeting. The board of directors of the Hirschsprung Collection must approve all loans granted by the museum. Moreover, a conservator will inspect the work to assess whether it is suitable for lending. You will then receive a reply to your loan request. If your request is granted, we will proceed to draw up a loan agreement.

Expect a processing time of 6 months.

Loan costs

Exhibition venues and museums outside of Denmark will pay a loan fee of DKK 4,950 per work. The fee covers the cost of an advance inspection conducted by a conservator as well as a condition report. Additional costs may be incurred to cover expenses associated with preparing the works for shipment (backing, frames, passepartouts, stabilising efforts, other conservation costs, and so on).

In addition to the loan fee and any costs involved in preparing the works for shipment, the borrower must defray the costs associated with insuring the works, shipping and the costs pertaining to any courier services used (transport, catering, hotel accommodation).

All costs will be agreed upon before the loan agreement is signed.
If a loan is cancelled prior to the opening of the scheduled exhibition, the borrower must pay the costs incurred by the Hirschsprung Collection in handling the case.
If all loans are cancelled, the borrower must pay a fee of DKK 1,850 plus DKK 850 per cancelled work. If only one or a few works are cancelled, the borrower will only have to pay DKK 850 per cancelled work.

Please direct your loan requests to

Mail: Direktør Karina Lykke Grand:
Post: Den Hirschsprungske Samling
Att. Direktør Karina Lykke Grand
Stockholmsgade 20
2100 København Ø

You can find our terms and conditions for loans, including our requirements regarding climate control, transport and security, by following the links below:

Terms and conditions for loans
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